Checklist dei Documenti

Reminder of the documents which must be presented at the various stages of the event

Race registration

CLOSED: Monday 02rd August 2021

Entry form

Sending documentation to the organizer by the closing date of registration:

1) Entry form

Send to [email protected]

2) Paddock space request

Send to [email protected] and [email protected]

3) Pass sport operators request

Send to [email protected]

Accreditation center

Friday 06th August 2021 from 10:30 to 18:30 @ School Gym, Castion (BL)

It will be possible to access the Service Park only after having carried out the triage at the accreditation center and having collected the passes for the team’s sports operators.

Documentation to be delivered in original and to send to [email protected]:

1) Covid-19 health status self-certification (one for each figure included in the Sports Operator Pass request)

2) Self Declaration possession Driving License (for driver and supporting driver)

Send to [email protected] and deliver in original to the Accreditation Center

3) Tire Declaration for CN, E2SC, E2SS groups

4) Declaration of previous years results

Send to [email protected] and deliver in original to the Accreditation Center


1) Declaration of safety clothing conformity

2) Conformity’s declaration of the vehicle safety’s devices:

  • Groups A-N-Bic-E1-RS-PROD car
  • Group GT car
  • Groups E2SH-E2SC-CN car
  • Group SS car
  • Historic car